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Creating independence within the community

Supporting the ability, in disability.

Providing vital work experience across all industries. Creating professional environments and life changing opportunities.

Work Experience

One day the support network that has been in place for a lifetime will be gone. We believe that creating the foundations of confidence in independence is vital.

Teaching Independence

Wherever possible we strive to get into the community, breaking down barriers in a society that is full of boundaries.

Community Integration

We are continuously looking at ways of creating new and exciting opportunities that take individuals out of their comfort zones and builds confidence.

Creating Opportunities

What we offer




Empowerment Through Enterprise is a not for profit organisation and sister company to The Helping Hands Group who have been supporting adults with Learning Disabilities since 2011.

We are committed to building independence through enterprise. Creating work experience and imaginative opportunities to those who have Learning Disabilities.

Here at ETE we strongly believe that EVERYONE has the right to dream, and be given the opportunities to be able to achieve that dream.

The idea of barrier free learning doesn't need to be unachievable, it simply takes society to change their mindset. 

By working together with local communities we can build confidence in unexplored areas. The ability to make yourself a meal, to learn a trade, a skill, are passages in life that most take for granted.


We forget that there are people out there who are not given the opportunities to learn such lessons, and thats where we come into play.

Many individuals who have a Learning Disability live at home with parents, one day that security will be taken away and sometimes without choice.

Together with your support, we can grow confidence, build community awareness and develop the building blocks of independence to create a more positive future.

Let's make what should be, a reality. Giving Empowerment Through Enterprise.


Our goal is to build the foundations of independence

Society makes living with a Learning Disability even harder than it should be. Everyone has the right to dream, and everyone has the right to be given the opportunities to achieve that dream.


The 3 elements of building that dream


Working together we create a level of trust to step outside of the comfort zone.


Through funding we create opportunities across all sectors.


Step by step confidence increases, skills develop and independence is achieved.

in Touch

What are we currently funding for?

2024 is the year for more, we have ambitions of creating our own coffee shop, one which will also house the many different items we make across our Enterprise sessions. 


Music & Media

We are looking to raise money to purchase a Portacabin  which we intend to turn into a soundproof media hub.

This opportunity would allow groups to learn the art of song writing along with the recording process, we will also be learning radio skills thanks to our friends at Fenland Youth Radio and The Young Technicians Academy. 

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